MHS - Women's Golf / October 15, 2020 By Kasey McDowell

The women's golf team finished out their 2020-21 season as they participated in the regional tournament at the Wellington Golf Course yesterday, October 12th. Sophomore Brooklyn Loveless led the Wildcats with a 118 for the 18 holes and tied for 27th place. Junior Jorja Knodel finished with a 120 and tied for 29th place. Freshman Payton Fox finished with a 125 and 31st place. Freshman Kaia Moore finished with a 127 and 33rd place. Senior Shyra Herrman finished with a 138 and 35th place.

As a team, the Wildcats scored a 490 and finished in 7th place. Buhler, Winfield, and Andale qualified as teams in the Regional to go to State. The six individuals who qualified scored 86, 88, 100, 102, 105, and 106.

Mulvane: 490 - 7th place
Low Team Score: 366 - Buhler
Medalist: 81 - Elly Bertholf - Winfield

Mulvane Scores: (18 holes)
  Brooklyn Loveless - 118 (tied 27th place)
  Jorja Knodel - 120 (tied 29th place)
  Payton Fox - 125 (31st place)
  Kaia Moore - 127 (33rd place)
  Shyra Herrman - 138 (35th place)

Coaches Season Wrapup:
"The girls were able to get a lot of tournament experience this year, even with the uncertainty of the availability of tournaments," said Coach Headrick

Shyra Herrman, the only senior on the team, was a great mentor to the other players throughout the season. Shyra's best round was a 119 at Andale, and her highest finish was 11th place at Ark City.
Jorja Knodel, the team's only junior, showed a lot of improvement and will be a great leader for next year's team. Jorja's best round was a 110 at Cheney, and her highest finish was tied for 10th place at Pretty Prairie.
Brooklyn Loveless is the only sophomore on the team. For Varsity, she took the 9th place medal at Pretty Prairie, which also happened to be her best round with a 53 on nine holes. She also got a 7th place medal at the Andover Central JV tournament.
Kaia Moore and Payton Fox were the two freshmen on the team. Kaia's best round was a 115 at Andale. Payton's best Varsity round was a 56 at Pretty Prairie, which tied her for 10th place. Also, Payton got the 5th place medal at the Andover Central JV tournament.
"It was a good season, and the girls showed a lot of improvement. We had a young team this year, so I am looking forward to seeing their progress next season," said Coach Headrick.

Junior Jorja Knodel
  * 18 Avg: 119.4
  * 18 Low: 119
  * 9 Avg: 59.7
  * 9 Low: 63

Sophomore Brooklyn Loveless
  * 18 Avg: 121.8
  * 18 Low: 118
  * 9 Avg: 60.9
  * 9 Low: 53

Freshman Payton Fox
  * 18 Avg: 124.8
  * 18 Low: 118
  * 9 Avg: 62.4
  * 9 Low: 47

Senior Shyra Herrman
  * 18 Avg: 126.9
  * 18 Low: 119
  * 9 Avg: 63.4
  * 9 Low: 62

Freshman Kaia Moore
  * 18 Avg: 131.5
  * 18 Low: 115
  * 9 Avg: 65.8
  * 9 Low: 54

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